The Oldest Active Professional Player

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As a person, who loves the soccer, you will never say no when someone asks you to read an article about Kazuyoshi Miura. Like other footballers, he has many fans worldwide. Yes, he is a Japanese footballer who still has the commitment to be a good soccer player. He was born on February 26, 1967. Some people like to call him with simple name, Kazu. In 1993, he received an award from Asian Football Confederation. When talking about this old footballer, we are sure that you are interested in knowing his achievement. During qualification for the 1998 FIFA World Cup, he scored fourteen times for Japan. There is a lot of awesome fact about this player. At aged 48, he holds the record for being the oldest soccer player in the Japan's professional league. If you want to be the next soccer professional, it would be better when you start your career with your brother. The elder brother of Kazu was also a professional footballer.

Simply to put, a famous footballer has many achievements during becoming the footballer, right? You should know that Kazu has an international goals statistic. In 1992, he won the championship two times on August 26, and on November 3. A year later, he won more competition. Most at the competition, he was able to bring his team to reach an achievement. If you think that he can inspire you, it means that you have a passion to become the future footballer. Due to he loves to play football, he signed a new one-year contract with Yokohama F.C in November 2005. It proves that football becomes his life. For information, he made his professional debut in 1986 and is thought to be the oldest active professional player. The other players can learn more from him, where football and competition are two things that are hard to separate from his life.

Kagawa Join Dortmund Back

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Shinji Kagawa has proved that is able to compete with other professional footballers. A man, who was born on March 17, 1989, is a Japanese professional footballer. He plays for German club, Borussia Dortmund. On the other hand, he plays for Japan national team. That is right that before joining Borussia Dortmund, he began his career in his homeland. He also decided to sign for MU on a four-year contract. Two years late, he returned to Dortmund. Even though I do not know his reason to join back Dortmund, but I am sure he knows where he will continue his career. Well, before talking more about his international career, it would be better to know his club career. If you agree to me, let us find out when he began his career as the footballer. Believe it or not, he started playing football at 5 aged. In 1994-1999, he joined Marinoe football club.

There is great news about this player. Some of you might know how he can play well and totally for each competition. At the age of 17, he noticed his talent. He was the first Japanese soccer player to sign a professional contract before graduating from high school. Of course, it became his challenge. It was not easy for him to focus on studying and playing football. When a player was known as a good player, international clubs try to work with him. In 2010, Kagawa was transferred from Cerezo to Borussia Dortmand. He made his debut appearance in 2010 in the German Bundesliga.

When MU and Dortmund made an agreement for Kagawa's transfer, he played for MU club. He returned to his club, Dortmund in 2014. In his returning, he signed a contract to play for this club until 2018. Of course, some people cannot wait for time to know where he will continue his career after the contract with Dortmund ends.